Walk, Breathe, Observe and Remember the Beauty

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Point Lobos, 3 miles south of Carmel, is one of natures exquisite combinations of ocean, land, flora and fauna.  …a place that reminds one to live. 

Intense natural blues and browns are on display. 

The park’s namesakes, sea wolves, bark incessantly. 

Their brown fur melts seamlessly into the rock. 

The “Old Veteran” Cypress overlooks a tiny spectacular cove. 

Exotic aqua caves riddle the peninsula.  The Monastery of the Carmelite Nuns overlooks Moss Cove. 

On my next visit I will wait for sunset… 


Miramontes Waves

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The waves at Miramontes can have a spectacular break over the rocks below the Ritz.

Miramontes Wave

Sunset adds to the drama. IMG_4788

IMG_6389Sometimes the colors just distract from the intensity of the break.  IMG_6395bw



 IMG_6408ps orig


Wave after wave never ceases to fascinate.Miramontes Sunset Gull(Shot January, 2008) Ritz Piper

The Ritz piper always adds the proper, final note.

Refinery Sunset

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Seriously, would you pull out your camera in the daylight? Concord Refinery

Is this why California gas is so expensive? Concord Refinery

(Shot October, 2009)

South from Alaska

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Every September, San Francisco Bay is adorned with the glamour of cruise ships returning from their Alaskan tours.  Today was particularly spectacular with four beauties competing for attention. Sea PrincessThe Embarcadero was their red carpet… 

Norwegian Star

From Potrero Hill, the Norwegian Star adds to the City skyline…  Potrero Hill

The Golden Princess from Telegraph Hill…  Golden Princess

Smoking is still considered glamorous for these ladies…  Golden Princess

(Shot September, 2009)

Architectural Wonderment and Contemplation in San Francisco

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San Francisco recently finished the refurbishing of Bernard Maybeck’s entry for the 1915 Panama – Pacific Exposition, the Palace of Fine Arts.  The Palace is a constant source of inspiration for residents and tourists.  February 2009

After the early evening breeze dies down, there is nothing like strolling these grounds.  …reflecting.  Reflecting

Details come alive in the dramatic lighting.  Detail - February 2009

Corinthian columns adorned with cherubs…  Corinthian Columns

…with angels watching over the Greco-Roman rotunda.  Rotunda Angel

Even the moon enjoys peeking in on this San Francisco icon.  Palace Moon

The palace ladies adorning the colonnades contemplate in the moonlight.  Palace Ladies in Moonlight

An architectural legacy of grandeur in San Francisco…  Palace Grandeur

…is reflected in the lagoon for the Palace swans.  Swan and Palace Reflection

(shot June, 2009)

Chihuly at the de Young

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The vibrant colors of Chihuly’s glass fill the de Young’s dark exhibit with excitement. Steve Sweetman

Is this glass or some new incredible shot from the Hubble?Steve SweetmanDreamy 8 foot glass mold grows from fallen Birch.  Steve Sweetman

Pure forest fantasy from any angle. IMG_7490

A gondola filled with imaginary planets floats on a sea of glass. Steve Sweetman

…while overhead a glass sun bursts.  Steve Sweetman

…then unexpected cool reflections bring back serenity.  Steve Sweetman

Some pieces insist on investigation from every angle.  Steve Sweetman

…then Chihuly immerses you in his overhead sea of living glass.  Steve Sweetman

…and your imagination questions the capabilities of what you see.  Steve Sweetman

The expectation of movement is ever present…  Steve Sweetman

…then try to contemplate a finale so immense in its glory that you don’t dare leave for fear of missing something extraordinary.  The column of fire reaches nearly 20 feet above an immense garden of glass.  Steve Sweetman

Mr Chihuly, how does your garden grow?  Steve Sweetman

…gracefully.  Steve Sweetman

Thank you, Mr Chihuly, for a tour of your garden.  Steve Sweetman

(Shot June, 2008)

The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square

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Perhaps no location captures more of the charm of living in San Francisco than Alamo Square.  …lined by the City’s row of Victorian “Painted Ladies”. Painted Ladies

These grand dames were built on Steiner Street between 1892 and 1896. Alamo Square

…and their glamour is untarnished more than 110 years later.  IMG_4649

Evening views are no less romantic.IMG_4741cropped

…and take on an urban sophistication in black and white.  IMG_4741 cropped

(Shot in September, 2009)